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Sailing around Antigua
(February 21 to February 28, 2003)

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The Mackenzi

We   had so much fun during    our previous sailboat charter   in the Caribbean that we decided to do it again -- this time in the Leeward Islands, based in Antigua, on a 44-foot Beneteau Oceanis 440, the Mackenzi, skippered by Neville Holloway. The following is the day-by-day itinerary of the trip:  pictures are available at the italicized areas.

  1. February 20: Fly from Newark to St. Johns, Antigua. Take a taxi to English Harbour, and stay at the Admiral's Inn. Take lots of pictures of Nelson's Dockyard National Park and of sailboats and a tall ship, the Tenacious.

  2. February 21: Arrive at Catamaran Marina, and see our new home for the next week -- the Mackenzi. Howling winds didn't stop us - we went out for a few hours for a trial run, then stayed at Falmouth Harbour for the night. Ate at Jimmy's.

  3. February 22: After spending the night in Falmouth Harbour, and wondering about rain squalls and reports of 35-knot gusts, we set off to the west, heading clockwise around Antigua. Lunch was at Turner's Point. We then set sail. We did see a few other sailboats. During the afternoon gusts, we zipped along at up to 9.3 knots past five islands then backtracked and ended up at Jolly Harbour (as planned). Supper at Peter's BBQ.

  4. February 23: Sailed to Deep Bay and looked around. Climbed to Fort Barrington, watched a cruise ship, leave St. John's, waited for the sunset, and at sunset, saw a green flash? Pigged out on an Italian feast on board the Mackenzi. (Thanks, Steph, from Neville and Bill!)

  5. February 24: Took a walkabout at St. John's then tacked to Jumby Bay. Jerked pork and potatoes for dinner aboard. The "mild" seasonings were hot (and delicious).

  6. February 25: Went back the way we came, from Jumby Bay to Carlisle Bay, where we were the only boat in the anchorage. Curried chicken for dinner on board.

  7. February 26: Continued counter-clockwise around the southern coast of Antigua, passing Falmouth Harbour and ending at Mamora Bay. Ate at the Rainbow Garden at the St. James's Club.

  8. February 27: Went northeast past our destination of Green Island (it was a gorgeous day for sailing) and after eating whilst sailing north, turned around, came back, and anchored at Green Island. Finished off the leftover pasta and sauce from earlier in the week. Steph's sauce is always better the second time, but the pasta was better the first.

  9. February 28: Before leaving Green Island, we ate lunch at Harmony Hall. Then sailed back to the Admiral's Inn and English Harbour. Dinner at HQ.

  10. March 1: Again ate delicious burgers at our waterfront burger & beer joint at Nelson's Dockyard. Leave from the Admiral's Inn at English Harbour, take a taxi to the airport in St. John's, then fly home (flight was late). Collapse.

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