Grandpa Bill and Stephi visited Josie and Jen and Russ in Minnesota on December 10-12, 2004

Two of Josie's kitties (Fergus, on right, and Phoebe, on left).

Josie and Duncan.

We went to see "Madeline's Christmas" in Hopkins, MN

The young lady who played Madeline signed autographs afterwards

Preparing the Chanukah candles

Lighting the Chanukah candles

The Christmas tree.

Jen unpacking a present with Duncan ready to help

Duncan gave up, but Russ and Josie were eager to help (it was an electric blanket, wrapped in a very blue bag!)

Josie unwrapping one of her presents.

It was a DVD of "Guys and Dolls."

Josie's big present from Bill and Stephi was a Circus Train.
See several more photographs of the train and the engineer below.

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. . . posted December 12, 2004