October 7, 2009: We were powerless after 2 huge trees toppled onto power lines. We had had high winds (predicted to be in the 40 mph range) all day, and at about 3:00 pm, the power went out. I took the photos below shortly afterwards.

For reference, our driveway runs east-west, and the street runs north-south. (We live on a street named appropriately enough, Woods Road!)

The power lines are strung from wooden poles along the west side of the street. The trees that toppled were on our neighbor's property to the north of us, and fell towards the east and slightly southerly, onto the area adjacent to where our driveway meets the street.

From our driveway, looking east (and slightly north), towards Woods Road.
From our driveway, looking east (and slightly south). This photo shows one of the 3 power poles that were affected. Later, a huge crane pulled this pole (and the attached power lines) back up to vertical. Note that our mailbox was undamaged, though bracketed by fallen trees and the fallen power pole.
Closer shot from our driveway of the trees blocking Woods Road and forcing the power lines down to street level.
Looking south along Woods Road, showing the middle of the 3 damaged power poles in the foreground, and the southerly-most of the 3 affected power poles in the distance.
Utility company crews working at the southerly pole.
This tree started the mess, I think, when it was uprooted by the high winds.
This tree was struck by the other tree - it was completely broken about 10 feet above the ground.
One big tree lying across another.
A smaller tree was also damaged by the two big trees falling.
This is the northern-most of the 3 affected power poles; photo taken from our neighbor's driveway. Note the base of the pole is broken off cleanly -- see next picture.
Base of northern-most power pole.
The utility crews had a replacement pole ready to use. I counted at least 8 big trucks from PSE&G.
View of the mess from the northern-most affected pole, looking south.

We had our power restored in about five hours. The next morning, there was huge piles of tree limbs on both sides of Woods Road, but the street was open for traffic. Our neighbor, whose trees fell, said he'll chain-saw them and use them for firewood. Our property had no damage at all.

Our thanks to the PSE&G crews for their hard work!

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