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Tour of Alaska

Day 12: Thursday, August 3: Early morning Tundra Wilderness Tour at Denali

Many of these photos are of admittedly very poor quality —
they were taken as seen via the driver's
closed-circuit television camera and our nearby TV screen.

Our tour bus looked suspiciously like a converted schoolbus.

The first (and only) moose that we saw on our tour.
She crossed the road in front of our bus, from left to right.
Yes, we stopped to gawk, and to let her cross the road.

A porcupine

Mama grizzly bear was licking one of her three off-spring (see next pictures)

Three wolverines. Apparently it is unusual to see these creatures.

At McKinley Chalet Resort. We stayed at the rooms circled in red.
By the way, that sign is for Building S (not a dollar sign).
The Resort was, to be blunt, primitive (or, to be polite, rustic).

Pictures from Day Thirteen

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