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--   Our newest kitty is another calico, whom we've named Shay:     at the shelter before we adopted her   --    ditto   --    closeup of her face   --    she rapidly learned to use the cat beds   --    she also rapidly learned to climb the cat tree    (pictures added February 22, 2023)
--   Our newest kitty is a black and white, whom we've named Shira (a Hebrew feminine given name meaning "poetry", "singing" or "music"):     itty bitty kitten   --    growing rapidly   --    she loves the dawg's crate    (pictures added September 25, 2021)
--   Our newest kitty is another calico, whom we've named Tsel ("shadow" or "shade" in Hebrew):    Tsel at her previous home, the Pounce Cat Cafe    another photo at Pounce (April 20, 2021)   --     Coming out of hiding   --    Resting   --    Smooch (on the chair) and Tsel (on the floor) (April 2021)
--   Our newest kitty is a calico we've named Smooch:    On HER chair   --    Why are YOU looking at ME?   --    Catnapping on her OTHER chair   --    Smooch the gardener trimming one of HER plants (October 14, 2014)
--   Our two tuxedo kitties (October 22, 2013)
--   Hiding kitties:    Samantha    Sharlee (November 29-30, 2011)
--   Stair kitties (From the top: Samantha, Sharlee, Miranda):    from upstairs    side view (October 14, 2009)
--   Friends snoozing:    Sharlee and Miranda (July 09)
--   A screencleaner for your computer monitor: click here!
--   New friends:    friends snoozing:    Miranda and Samantha    Miranda and Ada    Miranda and Ada    Miranda, Samantha and Ada    (January, 2005)
--   4 kitties eating    (December 24, 2004)
--   Our newest kitten, Samantha, and her box: --1-- --2-- --3-- --4-- --5-- --6-- --7-- --8-- --9-- --10-- --11-- 2 kitties (Samantha and Miranda) and their boxes    (December 22, 2004)
--   Double-decker kitties: --1-- --2--    (October 2, 2004)
--   Sharlee and Katie in the tree and Sharlee on the stairs (note: she's lying on her side, propped against the vertical riser!)    (late 2003)
--   Sharlee and Katie -- Sharlee and Ada    (March 15, 2003)
--   The tiger   (October 21, 2000)

Rainbow Bridge:

Samantha (died April 25, 2021):
--   Samantha on her chair (May 28, 2010)
--   Samantha watches the dog show on "Animal Planet":    -1-    -2-    (January 22, 2005)
--   Samantha helps Steph unwrap her birthday presents:    -1-    -2-    -3-    -4-    -5-    (January 20, 2005)

Sharlee (died August 29, 2020):
--   Bed kitty (Sharlee):    undercover kitty    awakened kitty    big version of awakened kitty photo (December 1, 2009)
--   Sharlee (now sometimes known as Spoof or Charlotte)    (October 2, 2004)
--   More pictures of Sharlee (pronounced "Sharlee"): -1- -2- (She's still never fallen.)    (December 22, 2002)
--   More pictures of Sharlee, doing her balancing act: -1- -2- (So far, she's never fallen.)    (December 8, 2002)
--   More pictures of Sharlee: Sharlee on the windowsill Sharlee reading the warning Sharlee staring    (August 16&17, 2002)
--   Four pictures of Sharlee as a kitten: -1- -2- -3- -4-    (June 21, 2002)

Miranda (died June 6, 2013):
--   Dreaming of food:    Miranda (August 8, 2012)
--   Miranda (November 29-30, 2011)
--   Miranda asleep    Miranda awake (May 28, 2010)
--   Miranda cat-napping    (August 6, 2004)
--   Our new kitty: Miranda: Playing with her catnip-fish-on-a-stick toy: -1- -2- -3- Getting ready to fly off the couch: -4-. With Katie: -5-. -6-. -7-. -8-.    (May 22 &23, 2004)
--   Our new kitty: Miranda (previously known as Muffin). This photo is at the foster-kitten home with her siblings, when she was growing up enough to be relocated to our menagerie.    (April 2004)

--   Katie and her bunny (and Miranda ignoring them to look out the window!)    (March 31, 2005)
--   Katie, our oldest kitty   (October 21, 2000)
--   Katie, lounging on the bed: small version of picture  -  large version of picture    (unknown date)

--   Bitsy on the windowsill    (August 16, 2002)
--   Bitsy behind the picture frame   (December 15, 2000)
--   Bitsy, drawered: small version of picture  -  large version of picture    (unknown date)

--   Remote Kitty (Kathy)   (February 10, 2001)
--   Kathy and her bow   (December 15, 2000)
--   Kathy, our new kitty   (October 21, 2000)

--   Sasha   (December 15, 2000)
--   Sasha, bagged: small version of picture  -  large version of picture    (unknown date)

How to give your cat a pill

  1. Grasp cat firmly in your arms. Cradle its head on your elbow, just as if you were giving a baby a bottle. Coo confidently, "That's a nice kitty." Drop the pill in its mouth.
  2. Retrieve cat from top of lamp & pill from under sofa.
  3. Follow same proceedure as in 1, but hold cat's front paws down with left hand & back paws down with elbow of right arm. Poke pill into its mouth with right forefinger.
  4. Retrieve cat from under bed. Get new pill from bottle. (resist impulse to get new cat.)
  5. Again proceed as in 1, except when you have cat firmly cradled in bottle-feeding position, sit on edge of chair, fold your torso over cat, bring your right hand over your left elbow, open cat's mouth by lifting the upper jaw & pop pill in - quickly! Since your head is down by your knees, you won't be able to see what you are doing. That's just as well.
  6. Leave cat hanging on drapes. Leave pill in your hair.
  7. If you are a woman, have a good cry. If you are a man, have a good cry.
  8. Now pull yourself together. Who's the boss here anyway? Retrieve cat & pill. Assuming position 1, say sternly, "Who's the the boss here anyway?" Open cat's mouth, take pill & ....Oooops!
  9. This isn't working, is it? Collapse & think. Aha! Those flashing claws are causing the chaos.
  10. Crawl to the linen closet. Drag back a large beach towel. Spread towel on floor.
  11. Retrieve cat from kitchen counter & pill from potted plant.
  12. Spread cat on towel near one end with its head over long edge.
  13. Flatten cat's front & back legs over its stomach. (resist impulse to flatten cat.)
  14. Roll cat in towel. Work fast; time & tabbies wait for no man - or woman!
  15. Resume position 1. Rotate your left hand to cat's head. Press its mouth at the jaw hinges like opening the petals of a snapdragon.
  16. Drop pill into cat's mouth & poke gently. Voila! It's done!
  17. Vacuum up loose fur (cat's). Apply bandages to wounds (yours).
  18. Take two aspirins & lie down.

 Stop Kitty Porn!

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