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Our Tour of Alaska

Day 14: Saturday, August 5: Riverboat and Gold Dredge

Riverboat Discovery website
Gold Dredge 8 website

A paddlewheel steamboat on the Chena River.

We passed several beautiful and very expensive-looking homes.

A seaplane took off and landed and took off again for our viewing pleasure.

Our trip paused at Susan Butcher's kennels to watch the dogs.
(Susan and her dogs won the Iditarod four times.)

Teaching a puppy to jump over a log.

At an Athabascan village,
a young woman demonstrated salmon preparation.

Hanging salmon up to dry.

Reindeer at the Athabascan village.

We took another train ride in the afternoon —
this time at a Gold Dredge attraction.

In the cab of the locomotive.

One happy couple.

The dredge was a colossal piece of machinery.

We also got to see a [very small] part of the Alyeska Pipeline.

I assure you, I did not intend to...

Pictures from Day Fifteen

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