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Athens and the Greek Islands on the Viking Sky
(November 24 — December 8, 2022)

Day 8: Thursday, December 1: Ephesus, Turkey

A soggy and disappointing day.

Kusadasi, the port city. The city caters to cruise ship passengers heading to Ephesus.

After a bus ride from the port to the ruins at Ephesus.
It was raining heavily, and we chose not to walk amongst the puddles at the ruins.
But the sign shows what we missed...

Our bus was parked inside the "Exit Gate."
As might be expected, there were lots of souvenir shops between where the buses parked and the actual entrance to the ruins.

The Viking Sky awaiting our return.
It was a long walk from the rug shop where the bus left us off back to the ship, and it was still raining.

On the way back to the ship, we passed the Ataturk Memorial.

One of many dockside shops.

Back aboard the ship, one of the many musicians. He went by the moniker "King"

King had an intriguing mascot.

The start to every dinner was a choice of red or white wines.

I can't recall whether this was the appetizer or main course...

Pictures from Day Nine.

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