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Athens and the Greek Islands on the Viking Sky
(November 24 — December 8, 2022)

Day 10: Saturday, December 3: Santorini.

Early morning view of the island of Santorini

We rode a tender from the ship to the shore.

View from the tender.

Look VERY closely, and you'll see buildings atop the cliff.

More buildings atop cliffs.

This zig-zagging road going up the cliff will be our route to the top.

About to disembark from the tender.

Climbing up the cliff

The bus left us off further down this hill; we had to walk up to here, and lots further still.

It was a very long climb to get to the next stop, but worth it...

After the long walk, we emerged where the three tourists in this photo are arriving.

Later, we again had to climb a long ways;
this time to get to the cable car to get back down to sea level.

Follow the blue stairs to get to the cable car.

We stopped for lunch part way up the climb.

As usual, Greek food for lunch.

Two weary tourists.

View from our table at the cafe.

We finally made it to the entrance to the cable car facility.

View from the cable car of the stairs — which was the alternate way to get up or down the cliff.

View of the cable car (this photo is from Wikipedia).

Pictures from Day Eleven.

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