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Timna National Park

8am - 8:30am hotel pickup, letís head south! — Travel back in time when you venture into this geological wonderland! See the ancient copper mines, King Solomonís Pillars and the huge multi-colored rock formations. A manmade lake in the middle of the desert offers shaded areas to enjoy the panoramic view.

Red Sea Underwater Observatory — Enter the amazing world of the Red Sea, one of the most scenic seas in the world. The Park maintains an extensive exhibition of fish and other living creatures native to the Red Sea, including aquariums, a Shark Tank, Turtle & Stingray Pool and underwater observatories.

September 10


At the Red Sea Underwater Observatory

Six meters down.

At Timna National Park.

"King Solomonís Pillars" — FWIW, there's no evidence King Solomon was ever here.

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