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Around the UK by Cruise Ship
(July 30 to August 14, 2022)

Day 15: Saturday, August 13: Disembark from the Emerald Princess, and a trip to Windsor

Our final bus tour, from Southampton to Windsor, and thereafter to Heathrow.

Windsor Castle in the distance. This photo was taken from the bus parking lot.

To get to the Castle, the first obstacle was going up the stairs or riding the lift.

Bill was enamored of the locomotive on display

Getting closer to the entrance to the Castle

Almost at the entrance

This painting was at the waiting area where we got our tickets to enter

Finally within the Castle's grounds

And still more uphill climbing!

I missed the changing of the guard, or so I thought.

Someone put a lot of work onto this mailbox cover, at the gift shop.

More guard changing!

Outside the Castle, working my way back downhill

Walking back towards the bus parking lot. Note the Five Guys

My place!

Last photo in the UK. There's a story behind this one — but you gotta ask!

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