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Our trip to Hawaii.

(November 3 to  10, 2001)

Surf along the Hana coast highway

We were a bit late this year on our annual trip to go someplace warm during the winter so we finally planned a cruise around the Hawaiian Islands. But the cruise line (American Hawaii) went bankrupt, so we rearranged our plans a bit, and spent most of the week on Maui.

As we have during previous vacations, we’re putting pictures of our trip on-line. (Note: After clicking on any photo, you'll have to click on the "Back" button on your webbrowser to return to this page. Maps of our daily travels are indicated by links that are colored green.)

  1. Saturday, November 3: Leave from Newark airport, get through security without problems, and fly on American to LAX and then to Kahului (where Maui's main airport is located), where Steph and Bill got lei'ed then picked up our rental car, and drove to Ka'anapali, where we stayed at the Ka'anapali Alii, a super-condo. All-in-all, a very long and tiring day. [Map from Airport to Kaanapali]

  2. Sunday, November 4: Got to see the view from our room. Like most days, the volcanic mountains were shrouded in clouds. We took a short trip, first to the art show under the banyan tree, looked at the harbor at Lahaina, then over to Iao Valley State Park. [Map from Kaanapali to the Iao Valley]

  3. Monday, November 5: We went upcountry, to Makawao. [Map from Kaanapali to Makawao] Dinner was at the Old Lahaina Luau, where we had our picture taken in newly-purchased garb. The Luau was at the water's edge, so we also got views of the shoreline and the sunset. We saw the hula dancers, and sat next to the drummers.

  4. Tuesday, November 6: We drove to the top of Haleakala [Holly-AKK-ah-lah], a dormant volcano (It's 10,023 feet high). Lots of twists and turns on the way up (and down, too!) but in retrospect, they didn't compare to what we were in for on Wednesday and Thursday. On the way up, we stopped at the Visitor Center, but clouds/fog didn't allow any view. After driving a few more miles to the summit, and looking around in the rain and fog, we stopped again at the Visitor Center on the way down -- and lo, the clouds parted, and we got a look at the huge crater. Another view. (By the way, that's fog/cloud, not smoke -- the volcano's been dormant for several hundred years. [Map of final climb to the summit]

  5. Wednesday, November 7: We drove north from Ka'anapali, and around the north side of the island, on one-lane roads for 10 miles (notice that in this picture, there wasn't any room to get out of the car to take this picture!). In the middle of the ten-mile stretch, we stopped at a gift shop, and looked down at the village of Kahakuloa; that's part of the ten miles of cliff-hugging one-lane road in the background. Then south to a sugar mill with great sugary smells and a dinky little museum, then our hotel for the next few days, the Maui Prince in Makena. (The view's from our room, and if you look closely, you'll see our pet dog perched on the railing.) Walked on the beach, and photographed driftwood. [Map of Highway 30 North]

  6. Thursday, November 8: We drove from Makena to Hana, on the famous Hana Road, mostly in the rain going over, and cloudy and wet on the way back. Lots more single-lane bridges and narrow twisty roads and terrific views (look closely, and you'll see the road we'll be traveling winding its way around the cliff) and shoreline and still more waterfalls. Actually, we drove through the town of Hana, and continued southeasterly, past a spendid roadside waterfall where we swapped photographing with another couple to get our picture taken. Then continued to the Haleakala National Park's Ranger Station then a bit further to the Palapala Ho'omau Congregational Church, between Kipahulu and Kaupo. Charles Lindbergh is buried in the church's graveyard. Then we turned around and drove back the way we came (the road appears to continue on, but it's unpaved, and it's not advised for rental cars to try). [Map from Makena to Hana]

  7. Friday, November 9: We got up at 4 A.M. to catch an early flight to Honolulu. On Oahu, we first saw Pearl Harbor, and went to the USS Arizona Memorial, where we looked down at the Arizona. The flag was everywhere in Hawaii, but nowhere as dramatic as over the Arizona. Then we went to the USS Missouri. There's a plaque on the deck where the Japanese surrendered, ending World War II. Then a tour of Honolulu, including downtown (where Bill took a picture of Steph under a banyan tree), saw the statue of Kamahamaha, then Waikiki beach, then up to the top of Diamond Head, then over to a very high wayside pulloff somewhere on the other side of the mountain. We were rapidly getting exhausted after arising early and the incessant chatter of our tour guide -- who insisted on telling us about every tree and flower -- even those he'd explained several times already. [No map today -- after all, we were on a tour today!]

  8. Sunday, November 10: Pack (including our faithful dog), and fly home.

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