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   Visit to Copan, Honduras, March 9, 2005 (part three)   

All 16 kings were portrayed here; four per side.

This photo, and the next two, are of the upperclass residential area.

The amphitheater. The king would make pronouncements to the townspeople here.

View from a distance of the "ball court." The captain of the losing team (or perhaps of the winning team?) was sacrificed after the game was over. Also note on the right, a raincover for the "heiroglyphic staircase."

Our tour guide gave us each a one-Lempira banknote, showing the same ball court, and again the "heiroglyphic staircase."

Closer view of the "ball court"

Note the drops of blood between the downward-pointing thumb and fingers — self-mutilation before the days of blood-sugar testing!

And back to modern civilization in the nearby town of Copan.

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