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Sailing on the WindSurf from Cozumel to Honduras and back: "The Mayan Riviera"
(March 6 to March 13, 2005)

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The WindSurf, at Belize City, March 11, 2005.

We   have had so much fun on both   cruise ships and on sailboats that we decided to do both at once — this time on what might be considered a large sailboat, or a small cruise ship.

The following is the day-by-day itinerary of the trip:  pictures are available at the italicized areas.

  1. March 5: Flew from Newark, NJ, to Cozumel, Mexico, an island off the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Stayed at the Hotel Presidente, admired the view and wildlife.

  2. March 6: Sleep late, then take a taxi to town, and see our home for the next week: the WindSurf.

  3. March 7: At sea, cruising south toward Honduras under sail (and with considerable assistance of the engines).

  4. March 8: Visited the Isla de Utila. This may be the island where Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked. Presently, a haven for divers with its huge reef, and the WindSurf is the only cruise ship to visit (although a ferry from the mainland brings tourists twice daily). Main attraction for non-divers is probably the Jade Seahorse Restaurant.

  5. March 9: Onward to Puerto Cortes, where we took a long bus trip to Copan. Four hours by bus to the site, and four hours back, but well worth the journey to see this huge Mayan site. Took numerous photos.

  6. March 10: At Roatan, Honduras. Another of the three Bay Islands (we had already visited Isla de Utila, but didn't get to the third island, Guanaja). We spent most of the day at the Tabyan Beach Resort, a private facility for a beach barbeque and goofing off (unfortunately on a clousy and partlydrizzly day).

  7. March 11: Stop at Belize City in Belize, but didn't do much but photograph the WindSurf, and a sign at a local pharmacy (everything was over-the-counter). Lots of shops at the cruiseship area, and some outside.

  8. March 12: Costa Maya, Mexico. A few shops open at the pier, and altogether a very quiet place. We return to the ship and read and consider packing.

  9. March 13: Fly home from Cozumel to Newark via Houston. Collapse.

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