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Our trip to Egypt and Israel
(February 17 to March 4, 1997)


After two weeks of touring the antiquities, the Nile, the city of Jerusalem, and driving our rental car on a tour of northern Israel, and taking about a month to fully recover, we’ve finally had the opportunity to put a complete travelogue of our trip on-line. The following is the general day-by-day itinerary of the trip; pictures are available at the italicized areas.

  1. Leave from Kansas City for Cairo by TWA on a TWA Getaway Tour. Try to sleep in uncomfortable sardine-class seats in jumbo jet.
  2. Arrive at Cairo, unwind, collapse.
  3. See King Tut exhibit and other stuff at the Museum of Antiquities. Start to get used to Cairo’s traffic (really, impossible to do). Visit Old Cairo, churches, synagogue, mosques, the Citadel.
  4. See Pyramids and Sphinx. Bill stupidly decides to climb up the inside the great Pyramid of Cheops (to see an empty sarcophagus; waste of time, and many sore muscles). We then go by bus to Memphis (not Tennessee); not much to see. Later that day, bus trip to Step Pyramid.
  5. More Cairo. Go to bazaar; don’t get ripped off (we think). More traffic. More noise.
  6. Early morning flight (5:30 A.M., Air Egypt) means getting up even earlier. It’s worth it: we get to see Abu Simbel. Indescribable. Then fly to Aswan, see broken needle, then board boat for three days of peace and quiet. But before leaving Aswan, take a short ride on a felucca, and get to see the Aswan Club Med (really!) and the Aga Khan’s mausoleum.
  7. Cruise to Kom Ombo and Edfu; see more ruins.
  8. Cruise to Esna then to Luxor.
  9. Disembark, see Valley of the Kings, Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, the Ramasseum, the Colossi of Memnon, then Temples of Karnak and Luxor. Then fly to Cairo again.
  10. Wasted day in Cairo. In late afternoon, depart by Air Saudi to Tel Aviv.
  11. Rent a car, visit places throughout Jerusalem, such as the Western Wall.
  12. Visit more places throughout Jerusalem, such as the Jerusalem Mall.
  13. Visit more places throughout Jerusalem, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  14. Drive from Jerusalem north along the West Bank of the Jordan River, through Jerico, to Beit She’an (an ancient city of 400 acres that’s presently being excavated). Then, northwest to Afula to visit friends at Kibbutz Yizreel, then north through Nazareth to Zefat, then southeast to Tiberias, on the Sea of Galilee.
  15. Drive from Tiberias across Israel, to the west and slightly northerly, to Rosh Ha-Niqra (on the Mediterranian, at the border of Lebanon). Just south of Rosh Ha-Niqra, we stop to photograph a signpost, as we drive to Akko to see the underground city of Saint Jean D’Acre. Then drive south through Haifa to Tel Aviv. Return rental car.
  16. Fly home from Tel Aviv. Collapse.
(For those of you with access to TWA Getaway® Vacations brochures, our trip is listed on pages 46 and 47 of the 1997 “Journeys in the Ancient World” brochure. We traveled with the tour group thoughout Egypt. However, in Israel, we stayed at the group’s hotels at night, but rented our own mini-car (a Hertz Fiat Uno) and took our own tour during the days.)

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