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Before the cruise, we spent a day in Lisbon. The world-famous "Tram 28" started 3 blocks from our hotel, so we took the tram from the beginning to the end and back.

July 7


We grabbed lunch at a pastry shop around the corner from our hotel.

A tram -- but we were in a long line and several filled up before we got onto one.

Lots of tuk-tuks tried prying waiting tram-riders into their little vehicles.

Finally, our tram arrived.

First photo taken from the tram. Lots more follow below!

I had no idea that the mirror reflecting the tram was there until I was editing this page!

This restaurant, which was along the tram's route, had a gorgeous example of the Lisbon tiles.

Tight squeeze between the tram and the car. The tramdriver opened the door to check his clearance, and slowly inched past the car.

After the tram ride, it was time for supper. We found an entire alley full of restaurants

We decided to eat at this one.

Inside the restaurant.

Back at the hotel (reception desk at My Story Hotel Tejo)
Very nice; we'd happily stay there again!

Watching the World Cup at the hotel's lobby

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