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We enjoyed our previous cruises on Oceania Cruises,
so when we found a cruise to an area we were interested in visiting,
from Lisbon to Barcelona, we signed up!

We sailed on Sirena, a sister ship
to the other Oceania cruise ships on which we'd previously sailed.

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Route of our trip. Diagram from Oceania Cruises.

To see each day's photos, click on the italicized name of the city to the left of each day's date.
(Once you are on the photos for that date, you'll find a link at the bottom of each page to go to the next day's photos.)

Lisbon by land. (July 7)

Departure from Lisbon (July 8)  — Info on the port is at Lisbon

At sea. No pictures (July 9)

Seville (July 10)  — Info on the port is at Seville

Cordoba (July 11 )  — Info on the city is at Cordoba

Gibraltar (July 12)  — Info on the port is at Gibralter

Almeria (July 13)  — Info on the port is at Almeria

Valencia (July 14)  — Info on the port is at Valenzia

Ibiza (July 15)  — Info on the port is at Ibiza

Palma de Mallorca (July 16)  — Info on the port is at Palma de Mallorca

Mahon. No pictures. (July 17) We goofed off and packed for our early departure the next morning.  — Info on the port is at Mahon

Barcelona (July 18)  — Info on the port is at Barcelona

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