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We took a very long side trip by bus from Seville to Cordoba

July 11


Admire the icons of Cordoba that reveal its extraordinary cultural heritage, which has been largely shaped by Romans, Moors, Christians and Jews. After departing from the pier, you will undertake a scenic 2 hour drive farther inland to Cordoba, a magnificent city that the Romans conquered in the 2nd century B.C. and held for nearly 1,000 years. While driving through the downtown, you will see remnants of that period in landmarks such as the Roman bridge, which still stands on its original foundation, even though the bridge has been renovated repeatedly. Cordoba is also highly regarded for its cultural diversity, as it has deep-rooted Islamic, Jewish and Christian heritages, which are revealed through architecture. For instance, there is the ornate Great Mosque, known for its giant arches and hundreds of columns of jasper, onyx and marble. They were taken from the Roman temple that previously occupied the site. When Christians conquered Cordoba in the 13th century, they added a cathedral inside the mosque, attesting to how the various cultures are intertwined.

You will see the Jewish influence firsthand at the Synagogue of Cordoba, located in the heart of the Jewish quarter. Although no longer a place of worship, the synagogue is still important historically and architecturally.

The guided portion of the tour will no doubt pique your interest for further exploration which you can do during free time that follows lunch at a local restaurant. You might wish to use this time browsing the shops for specialties such as leather goods and silver jewelry or simply stroll about at your pace, stopping wherever you please. At the conclusion of your free time, you will rejoin your group and make the journey back to the pier in Seville.

Please note: Round-trip travel time to Cordoba is approximately 4 hours. The walking portion of the tour includes approximately 2 hours of guided moderate walking/standing plus any additional walking at the guests’ discretion during free time. There will be steps, inclines, uneven and cobblestone surfaces to negotiate. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and not considered suitable for those with walking difficulties. Weather appropriate clothing; sun cap; sunglasses; sunscreen; a bottle of water from the ship; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Duration: 5.00 Hrs

Our bus

Rest stop on the bus ride to Cordoba

We passed myriad sunflowers and olive trees
and occasional bulls (adverts for a brand of booze!)
Sorry that this photo is out-of-focus — long story.

At Cordoba after a long bus ride

Part of original roofing, preserved so tourists can photograph it

Inside the mosque


Inside the mosque, there was a full-sized church.
This photo shows the pipes of
one of the two organs for the church.

Our tour guide, explaining something.

we then walked to the Jewish quarter

Sadly, the synagogue was closed for repairs.
Fortunately, as we stood outside the door, a workman opened it so
I got a very brief look inside.

Rub Maimonides' shoes to bring wisdom

So we did!

Locking through while going down-river
from Seville to the Atlantic Ocean

Cruising down-river from Seville in the late afternoon.
View from our cabin.

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