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We joined with other members of our synagogue on a mission to Cuba.

Friday, April 28

Walking tour of Old Havana. Visit Beth Shalom Temple for a talk and for Shabbot evening services. Shabbot dinner at the hotel.


This morning's lecturer, Camilo Lopez Trigo Garcia, explained Cuba's international relations

The sea was visible in the stone of this building

Steph, leaning on unknown person, leaning on column

Vicki, our tour guide

A pharmacy museum

This blue bird was very much alive

Hemingway slept(?) / drank(?) / stayed(?) here

Something else also happened herabouts

Street band was playing in Old Havana

Two tired tourists (Steph and Bill Quick)

Workmen restoring an old building

Photographers were everywhere (including several of us on our tour!)

Memorial to Ethel & Julius Rosenberg

Our bus was always 3702

Shabbat dinner at the hotel

Our dinner entertainment were A group of excellent Cuban musicians

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. . . May 7, 2017