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We joined with other members of our synagogue on a mission to Cuba.

Tuesday, May 2

Visit Sephardic Temple in Havana. Stop and shop at the arts & crafts market in old Havana.
Watched a rehearsal performance of the Habana Compás Dance troupe

A local artist has decorated his home (and the entire neighborhood!)

Painting at the hotel.
(Is this the way Cubans dry-stack their boats?)

Entrance to cigar & rum store.
(Yes, we bought some rum here!)

Sign over the store

Enlargement of sign

Saw this stone fellow at the top of the corner of this building.

Cruise ship in Havana's harbor

A huge marketplace in Old Havana

Paintings for sale in the marketplace (No, I didn't buy any)

At the Sephardic Temple

They had a Holocaust memorial

At Habana Compás Dance

We watched a rehearsal performance

Last dinner was the best. Here's the inconspicuous entrance to La Casa Restaurante

Desserts were especially plentiful and delicious

On the way back to the hotel, I took a photo of my friendly cane's birdhead.
(He helped me ambulate on my healing fractured ankle.)

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