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We decided to spend a Thanksgiving vacation visiting Puerto Rico.

November 27: Thanksgiving Day.
We drove from Aguadilla past Rincon on the west coast, to Ponce, on the south coast.
Ponce's lions and Christmas light display were memorable.

One of many expensive homes near Rincon

Last view near Rincon. We then drove south, past many used car lots, to Ponce.

View from our balcony at the Hotel Melia in Ponce,
with one of the lions barely visible (along with some tourists)

The lions seemed to be guarding the Firehouse Museum.

The stalls on the square were closed; no surprise, as it was Thanksgving Day.

The restaurant where we ate Thanksgiving dinner was in this building, in the back.

The cathedral was in the square.

Across from the square

One of the paintings in the Lola restaurant

Christmas lights display on the square in Ponce.

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. . . December 2, 2014