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South American cruising on the M/S Insignia
(March 12 to March 26, 2007)

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We    have gradually   been cruising our way around the coast of the continent of South America, and still needed to get from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. So we again signed up for a cruise on Oceania Cruises, this time on another of their ships, the Insignia.

The following is the day-by-day itinerary of the trip:  pictures are available at the italicized areas.

At most pages, you can scroll down to see more photos.

  1. March 12-13: Flew from Newark, NJ, to Buenos Aires. Stayed at the Sheraton Buenos Aires and admired the view. Took a walk along part of the renovated waterfront.

  2. March 14: Flew to the Iguacu Falls and gawked at what is considered one of the two most spectacular waterfalls anywhere. (The other is Victoria Falls in Africa.) We took a very wet boat ride to look up at the Falls.

  3. March 15: Continued to look at the falls the next morning, then flew back to Buenos Aires, where we boarded the M/S Insignia. We left Buenos Aires that evening and started our journey northwards.

  4. March 16: The ship stopped for the day at Montevideo, Uruguay. We took a bus tour of the city, then visited the Juanico Winery.

  5. March 17: A sea-day as well as St. Patick's day. Lots of people wore green (and some looked a little green). Generally, a goof-off day; only took one photo (of the view from our stateroom).

  6. March 18: Visited the southern Brazil port of Rio Grande. Took a bus tour. Not much to see, except lots of gently-decaying old buildings.

  7. March 19: Another sea-day, and a rough, wet, windy ride. Anyone who didn't turn green for St. Patty's day had another opportunity to do so today... No photos.

  8. March 20: The sun came out as we visited Blumenau, Brazil.

  9. March 20 and 21: The M/S Insignia stayed overnight at the port city of Itajai, Brazil.

  10. March 22: We traveled inland from the port of Santos to visit Sao Paulo, Brazil. Although the pictures we took look impressive, the city was gray and grimy, with graffiti and garbage everywhere.

  11. March 23: Paraty, Brazil: a ride on a phony schooner and a lovely old Portuguese town.

  12. March 24: Our last day on the Insignia: we were anchored at Ilha Grande. It was a very hot and very humid day, so we stayed on board, and snapped a few photos from our cabin.

  13. March 25-26: After a tour of Rio (including a cog railway ride to the Christ the Redeemer statue, and a cable car ride to the top of Sugarloaf mountain). we flew home overnight from Rio to Atlanta to Newark. Collapse.

Websites of places we visited:

Cabana Las Lilas Restaurant (in Buenos Aires)
Oceania Cruises
Sheraton Buenos Aires (our hotel at Buenos Aires)
Hotel Sheraton Internacional Iguazu Resort (our hotel at Igazu Falls)
Iguazu Jungle Explorer (the boat ride that we took to look up at the falls)
Juanico Winery (in Uruguay)
Novilho de Prata Churrascaria (in Sao Paulo, Brazil)

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