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Moorea: the next-to-last island. And a great tour with the Lady in Blue.

December 1


Views of Moorea before going ashore.

We took a private tour with Spirou, the Lady in Blue. She's awesome.
More info about her tours is at TripAdvisor

A field of pineapples on a hillside (above the brown area).

Two young pineapples.

Yes, that's the Wind Spirit that's barely visible.

Our tour guide and ourselves at Lookout Point.

Close up of above photo. The map shows only part of the island of Moorea.

At one of the ancient ruins of a marae. (For more information, see Wikipedia.)

Bali Ha'i.
This mountain was filmed for the movie South Pacific.

The same mountain is on the 100 Franc coin.
(However, there are no overwater bungalows or outrigger canoes anywhere nearby the mountain.)

Not exactly wildlife.
During most of the cruise, dogs were common. These were some of the very few cats that we saw.

Vanilla beans. They are a vine, although it doesn't show in this photo.

At the Sofitel resort.

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