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Papeete, Tahiti. Disembark. We wandered around Papeete, and stayed at a great little guesthouse overnight before flying home the next day.

December 2


Inside the best Italian restaurant in Papeete, La Pizzeria.
(We ate there twice!)

The mural on the wall of the best Italian restaurant in Papeete, La Pizzeria.

Another restaurant, where we had ice cream.

French navigator Louis-Antoine de Bougainville
landed on Tahiti and claimed it for the King of France.
By coincidence, we met the Second Officer of the Wind Spirit, Paul, here, as he too was sight-seeing!

At the park where the bust of de B is.

We walked over to say good-bye to the Wind Spirit.

We watched Wind Spirit depart.

Our great little guesthouse.

Dreaming of future trips. Where will we go next?

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. . . December 26, 2019