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Visiting the Tuamotu Islands and Society Islands of French Polynesia on the MSY Wind Spirit

We had taken a cruise on the Wind Surf previously (click here), so when the opportunity arose to visit Tahiti and other islands of French Polynesia on her sister ship, we jumped at the chance.

wind Spirit at Tahiti
MSY Wind Spirit

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Day 0 (November 19) Long flight from home to Papeete via Chicago and San Francisco. As expected, long lines at Immigration, but the welcome signs and a small museum were a welcome distraction while waiting.

Day 1 (November 20) Before the cruise began, we spent a day in the capital city of French Polynesia, Papeete, on the northern coast of the island of Tahiti. Caught up on our sleep, then did some window-shopping and gawking.

Day 2 (November 21) In the morning, we walked along the waterfront, over to where the MSY Wind Spirit was docked. We boarded the yacht in the early afternoon, and set sail at 6pm. (Yes, the ship's officers literally set her sails, by pushing buttons on the bridge.)

Day 3 (November 22) At sea. Wandered around the ship, and visited the bridge.

Day 4 (November 23) Fakarava. A quiet little atoll with little to do (unless you're into snorkling, which we aren't).

Day 5 (November 24) Rangiroa. Another quiet little atoll...

Day 6 (November 25) At sea. More photographs onboard the Wind Spirit.

Day 7 (November 26) BBQ at a private island (Motu Mahaea) nearby to the island of Taha'a

Day 8 (November 27) Raiatea. For a change, Wind Spirit docked, at the village of Uturoa.
In the afternoon, Steph and I took a private Toyota Truck Tour.

Day 9 (November 28) Anchored at Bora Bora on Thanksgiving Day.

Day 10 (November 29) The Wind Spirit was still anchored at Bora Bora for a second day.
In the evening, we had dinner and watched fire dancing on a nearby private island, Motu Tapu.

Day 11 (November 30) Huahine

Day 12 (December 1) Moorea: the next-to-last island. And a great tour!

Day 13 (December 2) Papeete, Tahiti. Disembark. We wandered around Papeete, and stayed at a guesthouse overnight before flying home the next day.

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